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Surviving The Survivor: #BestGuests in #TrueCrime

The #BestGuest in all of #TrueCrime come together daily on Surviving The Survivor. It is a 90-minute show co-hosted by Emmy Award-Winning TV News Journalist Joel Waldman and his Holocaust survivor mother, Karmela Waldman. Some regular and popular guests include NBC’s Dennis Murphy, Nancy Grace, Legendary Mindhunter Dr. Ann Burgess and Defense Attorney Mark Geragos to name a few. #STS is one of the fastest growing shows on Youtube. And it’s become a go-to channel for a thorough and expert breakdown of the biggest true crime cases with an audience of more than 1 million viewers a month. Surviving the Survivor isn’t just a podcast, it’s a community: #STSNATION

Meet The Team

  • Joel Waldman
    Joel Waldman Podcast Host

    Joel is an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist. He brings more than two decades of experience crafting stories, including long-form documentaries.

  • Karmela Waldman
    Karmela Waldman Podcast Host

    Karm is a Holocaust survivor and has been a licensed marriage therapist for over 40 years. Many know her as Joel’s mom and the beloved co-host of STS.

  • Steve Cohen
    Steve Cohen Producer

    Steve is an award-winning media producer, executive and audience builder. He’s the mastermind behind STS’s #BestGuests.

  • @SpacedCoast
    @SpacedCoast Studio Engineer, Moderator

    SpacedCoast is STSNation’s favorite moderator. With a master’s in music production for visual media and 10+ years of music editing and engineering, SpacedCoast is in charge of running all things behind-the-scenes at STS.

  • Ileana Diaz
    Ileana Diaz Chief of Everything

    If you know STS, then you already know the COE–Chief of Everything. Ileana Diaz AKA Bugs is Joel’s right hand woman. She’s a former network news correspondent, a mom to 3 wild kiddos, and yes, she is married to Joel.


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